Car Diagnostics

We have just installed the very latest Bosch Diagnostic machine to complimenmt our already vast range of equipment.

Bosch is a world leader in the automotive service industry and has a long tradition of excellence. Their diverse product line has won eight Top 20 Tools Awards from Motor Magazine, the highest honor in the Aftermarket.

Over the last few years cars have become more and more complex. As with almost everything these days, computers have their role to play, and this is no different in modern vehicles.
In an effort to cut vehicle emissions and make cars generally more efficient and reliable, computers & sensor systems control and monitor your vehicles performance.

Cobridge Car Testing Centre offers a comprehensive diagnostic service to customers.

We can diagnose problems and switch off abs warning lights, airbag warning lights, engine management, reset service indicators and much more. We can usually diagnose about 90% of problems within a short period of time.

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